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Customer Journey Mapping & Qualitative Market Research Consultancy
connecting insight

“We make the right connections to deliver better outcomes – for customers and for businesses”
We’re in the age of the customer. Businesses are striving to place customers at the heart of everything they do.
To drive customer-led change, businesses need to: 1. See the world from their customer’s perspective – through their ‘lens’ 2. Make informed decisions fuelled by connected insight
Our beliefs shape what we do and where we specialise – customer insight, customer experience, and customer journeys. With a continued focus on customer, we challenge our clients to view their business from the outside-in. Our beliefs also inform how we work with our clients. We blend research and consultancy through the lens method.


customer experience

Setting an ambition that ‘puts the customer at the heart of a business’ is one thing…
defining what this means and making it happen is another.

are you facing any of these challenges?
• We want to deliver a great customer experience but how do we articulate what that means for our business and our customers?
• How do we deliver a consistent experience across journeys, channels, products etc?
• What do our customers aim to achieve with us? What do they want to achieve with us? 
• Who are our customers? What are their needs and how does this relate to the customer experience they want from us?  

ways we can help
• Setting your CX vision
• Defining your customer journeys
• Design & development of your Customer Experience Principles
• Customer persona creation

customer insight

Customer needs and expectations are ever changing. Depth of understanding is key to staying ahead: we have to unpick the psychology that underpins behaviour, build upon and link this to other forms of insight.

We’re experienced researchers, with a specialism in qualitative methods. We’re all about the right approach.

ways we can help:
We work with clients to design, conduct and deliver research across a number of different areas, including:
 New product & proposition development
• Brand & comms
• Creative & concept testing
• Range / category reviews
• Shopper / mission insight
• User Experience

customer journeys

Customer journeys are a way of connecting insight and looking at your business from the perspective of your customers. To unlock the real potential of a customer journey approach, we have to go beyond the physical, down to the rational and emotional, understand the sentiment and what the customer is truly trying to achieve. Combining this understanding with relevant sources of insight and data provides a business with the connected picture and the foundations to make customer-led change

are you facing any of these challenges?
• We have an internal view of the journey, but what do customers really think and what’s most important to them?
• We know there are issues with the current journey but what is driving this and how do we prioritise improvements?

• How, when and where across customer journey should we be engaging and communicating with our customers?
• What should we be aiming for, what should the future ‘to be’ customer experience look like? 
• We have a brand new idea / product / service – how do we design the experience to fit?

ways we can help: 
• Customer journey evaluation
• ‘As is’ journey evaluation – business, employee & customer
• Journey optimisation / re-design
• Facilitated action planning 
• Ad hoc journey deep dives
 Experience design 
 • Discovery & identification of unmet needs
• Design of ‘to be’ journeys
• Design & development of customer led concepts
• Testing and refinement of prototypes
• Bespoke training & support

working with us

the right approach

blended expertise

genuine partnership

about us

We set up lens in November 2016 to focus on doing what we love – helping our clients to put customers front and centre of business decisions. Having started out in qualitative research, our 20 plus years have been spent in various consultancy and insight roles, with the latter years focused on working with brands to improve their customer experience. We’re able to apply our ‘big consultancy’ thinking through our ‘small agency’ approach.  We play to our strengths (and don’t claim we can do things we can’t), we adapt to the needs of your business…and we’re dedicated.

  • Vicky was previously Head of Qualitative Research & Experience Design at a leading consultancy. She has worked with some of the world’s leading brands, including: Virgin Atlantic, John Lewis, Akzo Nobel, British Airways, Morrisons, and Post Office Money.

    Vicky Smith
  • Helen started out her career in qualitative research and, before setting-up lens, worked with Vicky in Experience Design. She has worked with brands across a range of sectors, including: Nationwide Building Society, Tesco, Dixons Carphone, npower, and Great Western Railway.

    Helen Fennell

some of our clients


lens exceeded every expectation when we asked them to carry out a client research project. They are always on hand to offer their expertise and professional service, but it’s the personal approach that I really loved, a rare quality these days! lens really took the time to get under the skin of our business and are genuinely passionate about what they do. The insights and recommendations they provided were invaluable and still help us to build and on our marketing and client experience. In short, awesome people, give fantastic results, with dedication beyond words.


Marketing Manager, OnePay

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